Lightning-fast, AI/ML-powered, Ethically made in the US

Best-in-class computer vision solutions that enable critical missions

Faster and more accurate
  • Face Recognition (FR): More than 4% accurate (in broad NIST FRVT tests)
  • Ranked #1 in algorithm speed and efficiency
  • Detect persons, vehicles, text, weapons in the same video feed
  • Process videos in real-time on mobile device (single core)
Ethical & trustworthy
  • 100% Made-in-America: American Nascency
  • Built with highest ethical standards and commitment to privacy
  • Trusted by the largest financial institutions
Real world performance
  • Process videos in real-time on mobile device (single core)
  • Identify masked persons
  • Supports Simultaneous Detections
Easy integration
  • OS and platform agnostic with extensive sample code
  • Deploy in the cloud, on-prem, or on a mobile device
  • Works with existing camera systems
  • Free access to development SDK

Our Products

Our Flagship Product


Deploy Face, Object, Vehicle and Text Recognition to any camera application for real-time awareness and alerting with our Powerful, Easy-to-Integrate AI/ML SDK. With support for all the major languages, the ROC SDK is easy to integrate and will give you the utmost flexibility to fit your needs.

Protect Venues and Stay Aware

ROC Watch

Drive informed decision making, augment security, optimize logistics, and elevate hospitality using our Live Video Analytics. Recognize faces and objects (vehicles, persons, text, weapons, etc.) across 100s of feeds.  Read License Plates (LPR) and Identify VIPs.
FR Forensic Workstation

ROC Explore

ROC Explore was born out of a desire to offer users an intuitive interface and workflow that eases the bottleneck of media processing and empowers purposeful investigation.

Why Choose ROC?

Technology-First Approach

We are a company built by engineers, driven to push the needle forward to provide our customers with the bleeding edge of computer vision technology.

Built + Maintained in Denver, Colorado

ROC SDK is the only Face and Object Recognition algorithm with practical speed and efficiency as well as top-tier accuracy – that is also built in the United States.

Industry-Leading Code of Ethics

ROC believes in the power of AI/ML to make a safer and better world. As such, we offer our customers safe solutions backed by our Code of Ethics.

Don’t Just Take It From Us
Rank One’s algorithms are deployed in mission-critical applications across both the public and private sectors.
US Dept of Defense Agencies
Law Enforcement Agencies
Fortune 500 Financial Institutions
1 of 2
Major Global Credit Card Companies
Facial Verifications Per Year

Stay Tuned

Learn more about AI/ML-powered computer vision from experts in the field.

Introducing the ROC Web API

Introducing the ROC Web API

The ROC Web API enables developers to host an API server on their own hardware, and allows numerous client devices to easily connect and send facial images for processing server-side from an array of languages (C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, Python, and Ruby).

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