Smart consumer electronics chip
Consumer Electronics
On-edge face recognition enabling smart devices.
Device Unlock, Personalization
Fintech on wall street
Know your customer to minimize risk and remain compliant.
ID Proofing, Deduplication, Multi-factor Authentication
A group of army and military soldiers.
Government & Military
Secure Borders, Protect Assets, Ensure Subsidies.
FR at a Distance, Real-Time Screening
Control sensitive areas in hospitals using facial recognition enabled access control systems.
Streamline the healthcare process to increase security and prevent patient misdiagnosis.
Identity Verification, Access Control
Police car leveraging FR technology
Law Enforcement
Build investigative leads and reduce crime.
Forensic Search, Sensitive Site Exploitation
A shopping mall using AI technology to analyze shopping behavior and monitor visitors.
Understand your customers and their buying patterns to improve efficiency and grow the bottom line.
Person Counting, VIP Recognition
Security staff a concert
Know who is present on your property and minimize risk.
Ticketing, Access Control, Real-Time Screening