Streamline the healthcare process to increase security and prevent patient misdiagnosis

First world countries spend 10% to 20% of their GDP on medical care. Biometric technologies can reduce patient misidentification incidences and help streamline medical care thereby lowering its cost. The facial biometric is ideal in the medical sector given its low degree of required cooperation and contactless nature. The ROC SDK assists in the shift to mobile devices for patient management, as large-scale on-device search can be performed instantaneously and without any network connectivity.

Reach Out
  • Prevent patient misidentification
  • Reduce insurance fraud
  • Improve operational workflows
  • Reduce communicable disease
  • Reduce operational costs
Use Cases

Identity Verification

Ensure patients match their claimed identity to prevent insurance fraud and patient misidentification.

Access Control

Control access to sensitive areas, such as pharmacies, neonatal units, and the ICU by leveraging face recognition, a noninvasive, contactless and highly robust solution.

Two-factor Authentication

Add face recognition as an additional layer of security to your alphanumeric password, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to HIPAA protected systems.

What We Offer
Our Flagship Product
Gives you the freedom to leverage Rank One’s world-leading facial recognition algorithm where you need it most. With support for all the major languages, the ROC SDK is easy to integrate and will give you the utmost flexibility to fit your needs.
FR Forensic Workstation
ROC Explore
ROC Explore was born out of a desire to offer users an intuitive interface and workflow that eases the bottleneck of media processing and empowers purposeful investigation.
Automated FR Surveillance
ROC Watch
ROC Watch is a facial recognition plugin for Milestone’s XProtect Video Management System. ROC Watch augments and extends building management’s ability to ensure security, optimize logistics and provide elevated hospitality.
The Rank One Difference

Top-Tier Accuracy

Use a facial recognition solution that gives you results you can trust. To learn more, check out our NIST certification.

Fast + Efficient

Enable real-time FR applications on commodity mobile devices and laptops on-premise without requiring an active internet connection.

Easy + Well Supported

Built with an engineering-first mindset, the ROC SDK was carefully crafted to allow for seamless and quick integration.


Trusted by various DoD agencies and fortune 500 companies, the ROC SDK is built in Colorado by engineers who believe in the ethical use of FR.