Law Enforcement

Build investigative leads and reduce crime

All too often an egregious crime occurs and nothing is available to identify the perpetrator except a surveillance image. Whether it is physical or sexual violence, exploitation of the elderly, stolen credit cards, or countless other offenses that adversely impact society, automated face recognition is often the best resource available to help solve the crime.

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Ethical FR

Rank One knows the use of face recognition technology in law enforcement is a sensitive issue. We all are often reminded of the rise in authoritarian states, or biases in the U.S. criminal justice system, and Rank One is mindful of law enforcement’s difficult task in walking the line between saving lives and harming them. Our team has been involved in critical concerns around best practices in forensic facial identification for the last decade. We have worked alongside cutting-edge local law enforcement agencies, as well as federal agencies tasked with incorporating automated facial recognition capabilities for the first time. Our executives published the first scientific article that ushered in awareness of the mis-balances in accuracy between different races, genders, and age groups. We have worked alongside facial examiners and those who develop facial examiner training programs. We have advised the FBI on how their technology could be improved in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Rank One is highly selective of who we support and it is uplifting to learn about the lives we have helped with our technology.
  • Generate investigative leads
  • Rapidly verify unknown identities
  • Perform identification from a mobile device while on patrol
Use Cases

Forensic Search

Search large volumes of imagery in seconds using trained facial examiners to discover investigative leads in sensitive crimes.

Mobile Identification

Determine a person’s identity by using a mobile app, without needing an internet connection, when the person doesn’t have any identification.


Enable face recognition on body cams to improve officer safety.

Sensitive Site Exploitation

Sort and cluster large media volumes into the different identities of victims and perpetrators in crimes such as child exploitation and human trafficking.

What We Offer

Our Flagship Product


Deploy Face, Object, Vehicle and Text Recognition to any camera application for real-time awareness and alerting with our Powerful, Easy-to-Integrate AI/ML SDK. With support for all the major languages, the ROC SDK is easy to integrate and will give you the utmost flexibility to fit your needs.

FR Forensic Workstation

ROC Explore

ROC Explore was born out of a desire to offer users an intuitive interface and workflow that eases the bottleneck of media processing and empowers purposeful investigation.

Protect Venues and Stay Aware

ROC Watch

Drive informed decision making, augment security, optimize logistics, and elevate hospitality using our Live Video Analytics. Recognize faces and objects (vehicles, persons, text, weapons, etc.) across 100s of feeds.  Read License Plates (LPR) and Identify VIPs.
The Rank One Difference

Top-Tier Accuracy

Use a computer vision solution that gives you results you can trust. To learn more, check out our NIST certification.

Fast + Efficient

Enable real-time Face, Object, and Text Recognition solutions on mobile, enterprise, and cloud platforms.

Easy + Well Supported

Built with an engineering-first mindset, the ROC SDK was carefully crafted to allow for seamless and quick integration.


Trusted by DoD and U.S. National Security agencies and fortune 500 companies, the ROC SDK is built in Colorado with strict compliance to our Code of Ethics.