Understand your customers and their buying patterns to improve efficiency and grow the bottom line
The ROC SDK provides a non-intrusive and accurate means to detect the age, emotion, gender, and race of a person. These facial analytics enable retailers and restaurants to better understand their customers to help deliver more tailored marketing messages and promotions. Facial recognition can further enable customer reward programs and deter shoplifters.
Reach Out
  • Better understand your customer base
  • Detect and deter shoplifting
  • Customize and personalize promotions
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Analyze marketing campaigns more effectively to determine ROI
Use Cases
Facial Analysis
Measure the age, emotion, gender, and race of a person to get a better profile of your customer base to drive sales growth by delivering a more personalized experience.
Fraud Prevention
Detect known shoplifters and fraudsters the moment they enter a store using commodity hardware to decrease losses and increase the bottom line.
Person Counting
Know how many people are entering your store and what departments they are visiting to improve marketing effectiveness, staffing efficiencies, store design, and gain analytical insight on the most popular products and brands.
Recognize vip customers in retail settings using facial recognition
VIP Recognition
Recognize important guests and customers the moment they walk in to deliver a highly personalized experience, boosting customer engagement and retention.
Staff Control
Eliminate timecard fraud and buddy punching; control access to sensitive areas using face recognition.
What We Offer

Our Flagship Product


Deploy Face, Object, Vehicle and Text Recognition to any camera application for real-time awareness and alerting with our Powerful, Easy-to-Integrate AI/ML SDK. With support for all the major languages, the ROC SDK is easy to integrate and will give you the utmost flexibility to fit your needs.

FR Forensic Workstation

ROC Explore

ROC Explore was born out of a desire to offer users an intuitive interface and workflow that eases the bottleneck of media processing and empowers purposeful investigation.

Protect Venues and Stay Aware

ROC Watch

Drive informed decision making, augment security, optimize logistics, and elevate hospitality using our Live Video Analytics. Recognize faces and objects (vehicles, persons, text, weapons, etc.) across 100s of feeds.  Read License Plates (LPR) and Identify VIPs.
The Rank One Difference

Top-Tier Accuracy

Use a computer vision solution that gives you results you can trust. To learn more, check out our NIST certification.

Fast + Efficient

Enable real-time Face, Object, and Text Recognition solutions on mobile, enterprise, and cloud platforms.

Easy + Well Supported

Built with an engineering-first mindset, the ROC SDK was carefully crafted to allow for seamless and quick integration.


Trusted by DoD and U.S. National Security agencies and fortune 500 companies, the ROC SDK is built in Colorado with strict compliance to our Code of Ethics.