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The ROC Difference

Faster and more accurate

  • More than 99.4% accurate (NIST FRVT)
  • Ranked #1 in algorithm speed and efficiency
  • Detect persons, vehicles, text, and weapons in the same video feed
  • Process videos in real-time on mobile devices

Real-world Performance

  • Host millions of identities on a mobile device
  • Identify faces and objects without ideal camera angles or lighting
  • Proven FR accuracy with masks and sun glasses
  • Hundreds of successful integrations

Ethical & Trustworthy

  • American Nascency: 100% Made-in-America
  • Highest ethical and privacy standards (Code of Ethics)
  • Trusted by DoD, FBI, and Fortune 500 companies

Easy Integration

  • Free access to development SDK
  • OS and platform agnostic
  • Extensive documentation and sample code
  • Deploy in the cloud, on-prem, or on a mobile device
  • Works with existing camera and VMS systems
  • Be up and running in minutes
Don’t Just Take It From Us
Rank One’s algorithms are deployed in mission-critical applications across both the public and private sectors.
US Dept of Defense Agencies


Multi-National Financial Institutions

Law Enforcement Agencies


Integrator Customers


Facial Verifications Per Year

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Overview of ROC SDK Version 1.19

The ROC SDK version 1.19 delivers top-tier accuracy and industry leading efficiency. This new version comes with accuracy improvements, clustering enhancements, homomorphic encrypted matching, GPU enrollment, and several other enhancements.

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How Forensic Face Recognition Works

How Forensic Face Recognition Works

Law enforcement primarily uses face recognition as a post-incident forensic tool to enable detectives and analysts to generate investigative leads in violent and harmful crimes. In this article we explain how forensic face recognition works, and how it is used by law enforcement in this country.  

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